Monday, December 22, 2008

Christmas Is Here!

Our first tree froze in a big trashcan it was sitting in so I had to use the chainsaw to cut it out. It looks pretty good since we had to use 600 lights. Beth put 20 candy canes on the tree but it's so big you can barely see them. Beth is cute wrapping gifts, she is so happy that we are going to her house for Christmas this year.

Winter Wonderland!

We finally had our first big snowstorm last week. The jeep is the only reason we were able to go anywhere. Two feet of snow in three days makes driving harrowing. I had to drive Beth to and from work, each way a 45 minute drive. I felt badly for the cars on the road since they were all stuck and the only vehicles moving anywhere were SUVs and trucks. After dropping Beth off at work I went to the store for essentials and picked up food for my mom and dropped it off at her house. She spent hours digging out her four-foot berms left by the plows. After a few more days of snow her driveway has three feet of snow in her 75 feet of driveway. Something tells me she won't be getting the car out of the garage until Spring (unless she calls me for help).

I got nothing, the picture says it all.

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

We broke down...

We finally decided to break down and get comcast...So now that our internet works great here are some pictures of the last post.
Wes strapping the huge tree to the top of the jeep.Getting the tree to the car after cutting it down.
Another one just show what a man my husband is...

Wes and I on Thanksgiving, we should have taken a picture before we dug into the Turkey, but we forgot.

I worked in the ER on the Thursday before my birthday from 3-11pm and when I got home Wes had painted the living room in our house sage green!! It was such a great surprise! Its a really good thing that Wes has an eye for what looks good or it could have had a little different outcome. The next night while I worked a 6-2am shift he painted the brick behind our wood stove. What an amazing husband I have!!! The only reason I haven't put pictures up of the living room yet is because its not quite clean enough!! So maybe some day in the near future I'll be organized enough to post some pictures of the house!!

Monday, December 8, 2008

A late update

So our Internet isn't working as well as it used to, so I haven't been keeping up to date with my posts. We had a great Thanksgiving. Wes made the best Turkey ever! We had his mom, Linda, over and we cozied up by the fire and watched a movie and had a great relaxing day! We got our first little snow, just like Wes said we would.
On Saturday Wes and I went with Jen and Joel to get a Christmas tree in the Colville National Forest. Wes says it has always been his dream to have a 14 foot Christmas tree, so we found a huge tree and we'll see how well it fits in our house! The tree did look pretty funny on top of the Jeep, and aparently people we were driving by thought so too! Wes had a blast driving the jeep around on the icy gravel roads. That night Wes and I went to dinner at Tomato Street for my birthday dinner and did some Christmas shopping at North Town. We had a soccer game at 10:40 that night which is the perfect way to finish off my birthday! Pictures to follow when we can get the internet working again!