Monday, May 3, 2010

NYC (no pics)

I know you are probably all expecting pictures...but I don't have any yet!  Jena brought her camera and she took all the pictures!  Highlights of NYC (not necessarily in any order)...

*Wicked!!!   It was amazing I loved every second of it!
*The Lion King- the costumes are unbelievable!
*The LDS church down town Manhattan- Amazing how much noise there is in the city, and how quiet and peaceful the church was!
*China Town- So many handbags, clutches, and sunglasses, so little time!!
*H&M- My new favorite retail store!  They had the cutest clothes and great prices!
*Parson's costume design- We saw the making of (and some finished products) of Broadway costumes!
*The FOOD!  There were just so many choices, I wish I could have tried everything!  We had some outstanding desserts such as Chocolate Mouse Cheesecake and a warm chocolate chip cookie with ice cream being two of my favorites!
*The empire state building on a clear night
*Our cruise to the Statue of Liberty
*Hanging out with mom and Jena and being goofy!

The travel sucked!!  I was delayed by 3 hours on my way to Salt Lake.  Then we were delayed 4.5 hours at the Newark airport which I would have to say was the lamest airport I've ever been to!!  That delay caused me to miss my connection to Spokane so I got home Friday afternoon instead of Thursday night!  It was all worth it though!!  Thanks mom for inviting me!!