Monday, December 10, 2012

Monthly updates...

Here's what we have been up to in the last 2 months...

Wes got a part time job teaching at Shadle High School teaching Spanish.

I increased my hours to full time which is three twelve hour night shifts per week, which doesn't really wound like a lot...but I have to say it's pretty exhausting...can't wait to decrease my hours again!

We went home for Thanksgiving (kind of, we really went the week before) and enjoyed meeting Abigail, my brand new niece!

Oliver slammed his finger in our wooden bench which broke his finger and made his entire nail come off.  We made our first trip to the ER with him and tried Versed for the first time, which made him really loopy and funny!  And made the visit bearable!

I turned 29...booo my last year in my 20's has arrived!

In the last week or so Oli has found a new obsession...he looks up and the TV and says "Choo Choo" which means he wants to watch Thomas the Train.  Which when I say watch it really means he wants it on as background noise while he goes about his normal playing/getting into everything!  He only actually watches about 2-3 minutes of it at the beginning!  Oliver also has started to talk a lot more lately.  He started calling Mitzy "Mimi" which is really cute and he loves to give her hugs and kisses!  Well I was going to put pictures up, but apparently I would have to pay for more storage...that sucks!!  Anyone know how to get around that?