Sunday, May 6, 2012

Almost a year...

After Jena's graduation Oliver peed all over his clothes while I was changing him, so this is what he went home in.

Lizzy, Steph and I with our kids!

Oliver will be a year old in 2 weeks!!  I can't believe it!!  He isn't walking yet, but he's crawling around everywhere and getting into everything he shouldn't!!  For some reason he loves anything that plugs in and has a cord!  He loves it when I vacuum, he just follows me around and tries to play with the cord.  He's really into taking food out of his mouth to examine it, then eat it again.  He also thinks its really funny to just spit it out, especially veggies!  He's just starting to try to feed himself with a spoon.  I think his favorite foods are bananas and cheese (not together..)  He pulls him self up on everything and he's so tall it seems like nothing is safe!  Lately he is into taking 3 hour morning naps and skipping the afternoon naps.  Wes and I have so much fun with him and love all his new stages...even if they are a little busy!