Monday, December 14, 2009

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas...

Wes and I got our Christmas tree early Saturday morning while we were Christmas shopping. Last year I went to all the craft stores the day after Christmas and got super cheap ornaments, ribons, stockings, and a Christmas tree skirt, so I was really excited to decorate! The was the first year I've actually decorated a tree of my own. Last year we didn't have any ornaments so we just put some lights and candy canes on our tree (it looked pretty ghetto!) This year I'm very pleased with the finished product, so I made Wes take pictures with me after church in our Sunday clothes! Of course we had to get one with Mitzy in there, and in order to get her to sit still we bribed her with food, so she isn't really trying to bite Wes's hand, she really wants the food he's holding!
Jen made these "believe" blocks and I scored them in a white elephant gift exchage, they are so cute!
We don't have a star or angel to put on top, so we had to settle for a bow.

Tuesday, December 1, 2009


I absolutely love Thanksgiving, not because of the food well I like the food too, but because I get to spend so much time with my whole family!! It was so great to be home with everyone, I just love my family so much here are some pictures from last week.

We have an annual "Yankee Swap" with the whole family. This year Trevor brought this creepy half body and one arm pillow thing!! That was by far the funniest gift!!

When we were younger my dad used to turn on "Jeremiah was a bullfrog" and we would all dance to it, so we turned it on for the grandkids! We were all dancing and the kids were so funny! It was pretty cheesey but so much fun!
Benson and I dancing
Dad even decided to play a couple slow songs

Sunday morning before church Christian gave Drake his baby blessing. After that we put the camera on the mantel and set the timer so we could get the entire family in one shot!
All the grandkids in their matching PJs from GrandmaAmelia and Drake, the newest additions
Amelia and I. That was after we gave, well I gave her, a bath. The family said that I just man handled Amelia because I'm so used to handling newborns! Really I'm just not as nervous about handling them as people who don't handle them every night for a living!
Amelia and the cute headband Chelsea got her.
Everyone but Jena around the table for Thanksgiving dinner.
Wes and I on the deck. I have the best family in the world!!

A Watch Dog?

Well I'm not sure Mitz will be that great of a watch dog. She's really funny, she'll bark at stuff and has a pretty menacing bark but then when it comes toward her...she runs away!! This bottle even seems to freak her out!!