Monday, August 23, 2010

CDA to Sandpoint

This is Steph and I on our second leg that was all hills!  We were
smiling but working so hard!!
When we reached Silverwood we got to ride the rollercoaster in the middle of the night!  It was really scary in the dark!!
This was right before the final leg, Steph and I were all finished and happy we weren't walking anymore!!
This was after the 1st leg, it was the wildest wig competition (that's the green thing in my hand) and also 90 degrees outside so we were dying!!
This is the team after taking 1st place!
This is Ashely and I (Ashely made the tie die shirt by the way which turned out awesome)
Here's all of us at the beginning of the race smiling and not really knowing what we were in for!
These are my girlfriends from work Ashley and Misty, we all started working L&D around the same time.
Steph and I enjoying a couple PB&J's and water after our first leg!
A couple weekends ago I did the CDA to Sandpoint walk relay.  There were 12 people in my group and we walked in pairs,  3 legs that added up to about 15 miles. The relay started at 2:00pm on Friday and we finished around 10:30am Saturday.  It was way more hard core than I thought it was going to be.  I consider myself to be in pretty good shape, but running is way different than speed walking!  Running would have been a relief!!  Steph and I started the relay off in CDA with a 6.6 mile walk where we averaged 12.5 minute miles!!  We were pretty exhausted but had a few hours to rest up before our next walk of 4.8 miles of straight hills! We then walked our final leg of 3.7 miles at about 3am which was pretty creepy because we were in the middle of nowhere walking on dirt roads with head lamps!!  Overall we had a pretty awesome time and we beat the second place team by 27 minutes and had the fastest walking time the relay has ever had!! 

Thursday, August 5, 2010


This summer I played for the Black Widows soccer team in Spokane.  They are in the WSPL, which is a national league for semi-professional soccer, we played some teams from Cali and a team from Portland.  I think our team ended up being 3rd place in our division, which isn't too bad for the first year of the franchise.  Overall I had a good experience, but....I felt SO OLD!!!  I was playing with all these girls that are all still in college and just between seasons, doing their summer training!  Needless to say I just felt really old and slow compared to them!!  I even had to drive one of the rental cars when we made the trip to Sacramento, because I was one of 2 people that were over the age of 25!  It was really fun to play soccer competitively again, I've really missed good outdoor soccer! It would have been awesome to have been able to have a team like this back in my prime when I was in college!  This is a picture of Drake (Christian and Heather's son) with me in Sacramento, when they came to watch me play, he's so dang cute!!

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Family Reunion

I spent the last week at Ashley Lake Montana for a family reunion for the Russell family.  Here's Chelsea and I with her newest addition Nash and Emy's little girl Amelia.  We spent our time sitting by the lake, playing with the kids and visiting with family!  I feel so blessed to be a part of my family and love each of them so much!  
Here's Jena and Carson doing the "Bum Bum" dance for the family talent show, which was pretty hilarious!!