Sunday, January 30, 2011

Chelsea's request...

Okay I'm sure most of you know already but Chelsea wanted to see my progress...I'm 24 weeks and 5 days pregnant.  I know a lot of people go by months, but as a maternity nurse I'm counting the weeks and days...I know each of them count!!  Also I don't think months are very accurate because technically you are pregnant for 40 weeks (that's 10 months...not nine!!)  My due date is May 17th and we've been told its a boy!!  I swore I was going to take pictures every week and all that jazz, but then when you are pregnant and feeling really unattractive its not that fun to show off how big your belly is getting!!  I'm feeling great now, but from about week 5 to week 14 I felt terrible!!  I only threw up once, but I was constantly nauseated and didn't feel like eating anything!  Which as most of you know is far from my normal eating habits!!  Its the first time in my life I haven't craved chocolate/sweets all the time!!  The only craving I've really had is raspberries in the first trimester, but that's about it.  After the 14th week my eating habits are totally back to normal always wanting to eat junk food, but it's nice to feel normal again.  Well normal for a little while, now I'm starting to feel BIG and a little uncomfortable, which I know I'm just over half way and I'm going to get way bigger!!  Anyway I know that's a lot of random info that you probably weren't that interested in, but its more for me to at least have it written down somewhere, since I'm horrible keeping a journal.

Saturday, January 1, 2011


My parents are builing a house out by on the coast and we went to see the progress and visit the little developement.  We took some pictures on the beach but it is Western Washington, so of course it was raining!

Christian and Savanah

Jena and I

Chelsea, Carson, Jena, me and Christian