Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Back to work...

Well Friday was my first day back to work since Oliver was born.  It was fun to see my friends at work, but it was really hard to be away from Oliver!  It was Wes's first night with him all alone, so I called very frequently and told Wes to call me every time he was up with Oliver!  Oliver was a little fussier than usual, because he had been given some vaccines at the doctors that afternoon.  Wes said he was hard to put to bed, and didn't go to bed for the night until 12:30am, but then I didn't get a call from Wes until 5:00am so Wes at least got 4 hours of sleep. I only slept a few hours yesterday and then had lots of stuff to do, so by the end of the day I was pretty exhausted!! So I went to bed at around 11:30pm and Oliver slept until 6am!!!  I got 6 hours of sleep it was amazing!  So he stayed up until 7, then went back to sleep until 10am!  That was the best sleep I've had in almost 2 and a half months!!
Oliver's stats from the doctors office at 9 weeks:
Weight- 15 lbs 1 oz (over the 95th percentile)
Height- 25 inches (over the 95th percentile)
I knew I had a big boy, but I didn't know he was that BIG!!!

Thursday, July 21, 2011

9 Weeks

This outfit is from Wes's Aunt Kathy and we love it!! Thanks Kathy!!

When Wes got home from work and Oliver saw him, Oliver immediately started smiling!

This is a knucklehead onesie thats 3-6 months, its the first time he's worn it and if it shrinks in the wash it will be the last!!  It's so cute, so I hope it doesn't shrink much!!

Oliver and Grandma Linda!

I had to get a shot of those rolls!!!

Sorry if you are sick of seeing pictures of Oliver!!  He's so cute and a couple weeks ago I realized I wasn't taking enough pictures, because he changes SO fast!!  Anyway he's 9 weeks old now and he smiles so much!!  When I go into his room to get him up from sleeping, he always smiles at me and kicks his feet, I love it!!

Monday, July 18, 2011

Eight and a half weeks!

Look at those thighs!!

He hardly fits the changing station in the pack n play anymore!!!
Here are a few more pics of Oliver, he's growing so fast its hard to keep up!

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Our growing boy!!!

Tummy Time

The froggy hat Jamie Bowers gave Oliver!!

Our littel chunk!!

Tasteful nudes...
Just more pictures of our little Oliver!  He is now seven and a half weeks, I can't believe how big he is getting.  He's starting to coo and smile at Wes and I and we love it!!