Monday, March 1, 2010

Wes's pride and joy...

While I was at home with my family in Olympia, Wes got some of his guy friends together and went on an overnight fishing trip!  Here's our boat that Fred, Wes's step dad, gave to him, and there's Mitzy in the back.  Overall he said it was a fun trip and the boat ran really well so needless to say he's getting pretty pumped about summer!
My sister Emy does what's called "Love Month" every February for her huby Trevor.  So everyday in February she does something for Trevor to show she loves him.  I know, what a great wife, eh!!  She emailed her family and friends a bunch of ideas to do for thier spouses.  I didn't get around to doing something everyday for Wes, it's quite a challenge while working full time 12 hour shifts, some days we don't even see each other!  Anyway one day I did make him a heart shaped oatmeal chocolate chip cookie.  Which I thought was really cute and even more delicious than my normal cookies (which I don't mean to brag but are amazing cookies!!)  He thought it was cool and I think I maybe ate more of it than he did, but it's the thought that counts!!