Tuesday, February 24, 2009

A quick overview

Since Christmas here's whats been going on with us. Frazer and Amy came down to Spokane on their way to AZ so they spent the weekends before and after their trip with us. Wes and Frazer went shooting one day while Amy and I shopped till we dropped. Amy is usually pretty excited to shop when she comes down because her selection is pretty limited up in Cranbrook. I think the boys and girls separate time was much enjoyed by both parties. Its always fun to have company, and so far they are the only overnight guests we've had in our new house.

Frazer helped Wes install the awesome new wood stove that Wes bought off Criag's list for a third of the retail price. The stove is much more efficient than our old one, so our house has been nice and toasty and we haven't been using as much wood. And if that isn't enough reason to buy the new stove it also has a glass front that provides a nice romantic atmosphere to our living room. It makes our front room look so much better a little more modern than our old stove. (I'm pretty sure it was the original from when the house was built!)

The next change in our home is that we painted the kitchen, a light greenish-blue color. It looks really good with the white trim, but our ceiling is still that ugly yellow color that everying used to be, so after we paint the ceiling it will look better. Once everything is all cleaned up and looking nice, I'll post some pictures of the newly colored kitchen and stove. Our house is really coming along, Wes has been putting in a lot of hard work making things look nice and he's doing a really good job!

Over Valentines day weekend Wes went up to Canada to go winter camping with Frazer and one of his friends...I know, sounds bad, but I was all for it because I had to take call all weekend. I thought he was going to be gone through Sunday, but he came home exhausted Saturday night around 8:00, so that was a nice surprise. We had dinner then I asked if he wanted to watch a movie, but then we both fell asleep at about 9:30, so as you can tell we had a very exciting night!

We don't really have anything exciting going on right now, we just work a lot, trying not to eat as much and work out a little more, you know the regular new years type of stuff!! I'll post some pictures when I'm more organized.