Sunday, October 7, 2012

Five Years!!!

Five years ago last Friday I married my best friend!!  This weekend Wes and I went to Leavenworth, where we went on our honeymoon and stayed in the very same little cabin (Thanks to the Fromms)!! When we walked into the cabin Wes and I both felt a wave of nostalgia!  It was so fun to go back there!!  Needless to say the stay was a little different with Oliver "sleeping" in the same one roomed cabin as we did!  We left Friday evening around 6:30 and arrived around 10, Oliver slept for about an hour and a half in the car which was the perfect little nap for him!  He's never been a great sleeper when we are away from home and never slept well in our bed either.  So we were up until 12:30!! I wish I had a picture of the way he fell asleep on me (but I couldn't risk it!)  Anyway we didn't get much sleep because he woke up again at 5:20 ready to be up for the day!  Getting no sleep was very unfortunate for me because I was running the half marathon Saturday morning!
I ran the half with Jen Martin and Steph Fromm, my 2 college roommates!  Honestly none of us trained that diligently for it, I think the longest I ran before it was 7 we were all a little nervous.  Plus I played soccer for the first time in 2 years on Monday and rolled my ankle which really sucked!!  Luckily it felt way better on Saturday than it did even the day before!  It really didn't bug me the whole time I was running!  While we were waiting for the race to start we were all wondering whose dumb idea it really was to run this thing!!  But once we got started we all did great!  We had to stop and stretch and have a bathroom break, but overall for not training we did pretty well and actually had a lot of fun!  We were all hurting at the end (and am still hurting) but we got to just visit (kid free), enjoy the scenery and company for 2 hours!!  Its funny because I ran a Marathon 3 years ago, but trained for it, and today I feel like I'm just as sore after a half than that full!!  After finishing the race we all just hung out at Steph's inlaw's house with our families and went downtown Leavenworth and ate Bavarian sausage and gelato!  Wes and I left that evening as we were both a little exhausted after getting minimal sleep the night before and didn't want to do it again!!
My fat ankle on Thursday

Our cute boys!!  Jaxon, Oliver and Drew

Wes and I after the race (that Cabin is were we stayed)

An action shot, about mile 9 I think

All smiles when we were done!!

A before shot
And here are a few pictures of Oliver, just because he's cute!!  Only 5 more Sunday's then he's in Nursery!!!
That's not allowed!!

Playing on the beach

At Sullivan Lake


emy said...

I love all the photos. Way to go on the half Marathon. I totally want to do one of those next year. I guess I have to have this baby first and then see how things go from there.

Chelsea said...

Glad your ankle didnt bother you! How fun to run in a race with old roommates. All three of those boys are darling. Looks like a great weekend besides the no sleep thing. You don't need to train for races, you are a champ!