Wednesday, August 15, 2012

The last Month

Over the last month we have been pretty busy!  It seems like I've been gone for the last month straight!  I know that isn't the case, but I've been gone quite a bit and when I am home I'm working to make up for it!!  Here's what has happened:

Wes's sister Emily came to visit for the first two weeks of July.  We spent a lot of time with her and Linda ate a lot of great food, went to the dog park, and went to Lake Roosevelt for a day at the beach!

We went to Olympia for Carson's farewell.  He is currently in the MTC and will be serving a mission for the LDS church in Tampa Florida Spanish speaking.  So all the siblings and most of their families were in Olympia for the weekend.  The last time we will all be together for 2 years!!

We took Oliver camping for the first time at Sullivan lake for a Family reunion.  Overall he did pretty well except for the fact that he woke up around 5am every morning and wouldn't go back to sleep!  Thank goodness I brought my jogging stroller, because he napped in that thing at the beach once or twice a day!  He was a dirty mess but I just had to embrase it because we were camping!

Oliver and I just got home last night from a road trip with Emy, my older sister, and her 3 kids to Cardston Alberta Canada to visit family!  That was a 7-8 hour drive from Spokane, needless to say that was a little crazy!!  We had tons of fun, but Oliver was at a really hard age...I had to follow him around everywhere because my grandparents don't have their house childproof house...I can't imagine why not...

First time on a horse!  He loved the horses!!

First quad ride!

So its been crazy but really great to spend so much time with family!!  Here are some pictures from the last month!!

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